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Study on Importance of Dentist Visit for General Health

American Journal of Public Health 102. 2 Feb 2012
Study findings indicated that, of the 26.0% of children and 24.1% of adults who did not have contact with a general health care provider in 2008, a sizeable proportion (34.7% of these children and 23.1% of these adults) did visit a dental practice that year.

Taken together, these individuals are estimated to represent 19.5 million people who only visited a dental practice in 2008. Including substantial numbers of children and adults, males and females of various races/ethnicities, education levels, and family income in all 4 US census regions, our analyses demonstrated considerable diversity in these 19.5 million individuals. The majority of these adults and children did have some form of health insurance. This suggests that many of those who did not interact with a general health care provider may have had access to general health care but opted not to seek this care. For these and other individuals, dental professionals are in a key position to assess and detect oral signs and symptoms of systemic health disorders that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Identification of signs and symptoms in the oral cavity that may be manifestations of systemic disease can play an important role in the treatment or etiology of both oral and systemic disease. In addition, diseases such as hypertension and diabetes that can be detected in dental practices through clinical observation, radiographic findings, and screening procedures can potentially reduce costs to the health care system. It is therefore in the mutual interests of the patient, the dental and general health care professionals, and the health care system as a whole, to assess and detect any conditions as soon as possible. Early disease detection enables prompt patient referral for definitive diagnosis and treatment to improve health and reduce long-term health care costs.